Explore All Provence Has to Offer From Holidays Houses in the Region

When you book holiday houses in Provence, bookurhouse you will find that you can enjoy practically any type of break your heart desires.

If you want to get away from it all and surround yourself in nature, then this region is the perfect spot as it is bordered by the striking snow-capped mountains of the French Alps.

Alternatively, if lying on the sand and soaking up the sun is more your thing then you will also be well catered for here, as the Mediterranean French Riviera laps against countless white sandy shores in a variety of glamorous locations. bikesncar

One prime example of this is Cannes – which you are sure to have heard of thanks to the world-famous film festival of the same name that sees some of the most well-known faces of the silver screen jetting over to tread the red carpet.

Further up the French Riviera lies Nice, college dorm party an equally glamorous city that is home to designer boutiques and sunny pavement cafes, while the winding alleys and streets of the old town will lead you to a daily fruit and flower market.

If you want the chance to expand your knowledge during your holiday then you must make time for Nimes.

Once one of the most important cities in the Roman empire, tech2gadgets today Nimes is home to some breathtaking examples of this bygone era, including the Roman coliseum that is still in such good condition it is thought to be rivalled only by its Italian equivalent in Rome.

If this sounds like the trip of a lifetime to you then you could also consider basing yourself near Arles, which boasts a collection of Roman ruins that have been proclaimed a Unesco World Heritage site.

The amphitheatre is just one example of this, while you will also be able to map the city’s later conversion to Christianity during your time here, encontrasp marked by some particularly fine examples of Romanesque architecture, such as Eglise Saint Trophime.

Surrounding this historic city are acres of breathtaking countryside, so beautiful that it was a subject of inspiration for the artist Vincent Van Gogh, who lived here for a time – indeed, some of his most famous paintings depict the area. bedpersonals



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