Things To Do And See In Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Ocho Rios is one of the most popular resort towns in Jamaica. Welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, it is a tourist destination that does not fail to please. Whether arriving by road, helicopter, or cruise ship, visitors will notice the natural beauty of the area as soon as it comes into sight.

There are relatively high hills forming a backdrop to the town which sits on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. The main and largest beach is the focal point of Ocho Rios and its beautiful crescent shape is punctuated by high-rise buildings on either end. Not far away heading into the interior, the land is covered in greenery with tall trees, gardens and an abundance of exotic blooms.

With this landscape there is clearly much to see, and entrepreneurs, responding to the demands of today’s tourists, have developed dozens of attractions, offering a great variety of things to do.

Anyone familiar with the Spanish language cannot help but think that if they visit Ocho Rios, they will find eight rivers there. But there are only a few rivers winding their way down the hills surrounding Ocho Rios. However, the famous Dunn’s River Falls and Beach more than makes up for the misnomer that is the lively resort town’s name. It is the most popular attraction in Jamaica with its clean, clear water cascading down a six hundred foot natural “staircase” forming many pools and falls on its way. Visitors have a whale of a time climbing the Falls from the beautiful beach, where Sean Connery watched Ursula emerge from the sea singing “Under the Mango Tree” in the classic James Bond thriller, “Dr. No”. Some take hours to get to the top as they frolic in the exhilarating ponds and get massaged under the falls on the way up. The whole site begs for photograph after photograph to be taken.

Dolphin Cove, located almost opposite to the entrance to Dunn’s River Falls is also very popular as the site offers a variety of programmes, from swimming with the dolphins to touch encounters, and experiences with sharks and sting rays as well as other tropical animals. There is a restaurant and beach with water sports on offer too. 검증사이트

On the White River, visitors enjoy the relaxing lazy ride downstream on a long bamboo raft guided by a captain with bamboo pole. Many people report that they never felt that chilled out by the end of this cruise. Further upstream, where there are rapids, there is kayaking and tubing.

Another natural beauty is the Fern Gully, which is a river bed converted into a main thoroughfare, but with trees and vegetation so dense on both sides that for two miles, the road is covered by a gorgeous canopy. There is a smattering of roadside stalls here with a few displaying very controversial erotic art that is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

There are several shopping centres, boasting duty free and gift shops, as well craft markets to cater to all the shopaholics who travel abroad in search of bargains and unusual items. Wood carvings and rasta jewellery are favourites. There is also a huge Jamaican art scene with galleries such as Harmony Hall displaying the works of famous artists like Judy Ann



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