Easy Instructions on How to Make a Flannel Cupcake – This is an Ideal Baby Shower Gift

A friend or family member has had a baby, you need to buy a gift and you can’t think of what to buy.  No doubt we’ve all been in that position.  Why don’t you make flannel cupcakes?

Flannel cupcakes, boxed together with home-made cupcakes, make a beautiful gift for a newborn baby. They are also a perfect gift for a baby shower. These easy to follow instructions will show you how to make this gift in seconds.

You need:

Flannel or toweling washcloth

Cupcake Liner

I prefer to fold the ends in towards the middle and then fold in half again .

Roll up tightly from one end and place in cupcake liner.

If you are using silicon cupcake liners, baby bibs which are not as high so do not hold the flannel as tightly, I would recommend placing a small elastic band around the cupcake to hold its shape.

Place the rolled washcloth inside the cupcake liner.  The cupcake can be decorated with a round bath gel (to look like a cherry) or I often place a fabric flower or fruit ornament on top.

Box up a mixture of socks (sox), home-made cupcakes, and flannel cupcakes for a perfect gift to take Mom and a newborn baby still in hospital. You can also make cupcake gifts with bibs, all-in-one outfits, pajamas, singlets or diapers. What a gorgeous gift box these would make.

Don’t forget Mom. Follow the instructions and make socks and knickers into cupcakes for Mom as well. We all know she’d appreciate the thoughtful gift.



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