Los Angeles – A Cosmetic Surgery Mecca

What is it that makes Los Angeles cosmetic surgeons some of the very best in the world ? It’s a combination of several key factors that all converge to create a cosmetic surgery Mecca- a place where elective surgery practices can thrive and be very successful and lucrative economically. Los Angeles is home to Hollywood and a large population of beautiful and wealthy people and also boasts a very strong and diverse culture and economic base. L.A. is also home to two world renowned university research hospitals- UCLA and USC, and boasts some of the finest weather and outdoor recreation opportunities in the world. ftm surgery

This confluence of critical factors allows Los Angeles do draw top cosmetic surgery student physicians and top practicing cosmetic surgeons from around the world. The top research hospital and university base allow these physicians to maintain prestigious affiliations and stay abreast of the very latest training and research. When they are not working the physicians can play with the Hollywood elite and beautiful people and experience Southern California’s extreme diversity of recreation and entertainment- L.A. night life, fine dining, the ocean in one direction and mountains a few miles away in the other direction and a variety of some of the wealthiest and finest neighborhoods in the world in which to live.

Los Angeles has become renowned world wide for the quality of its cosmetic surgery and now even sports its own television series- Dr. 90210. This interesting TV medical reality show features Los Angeles cosmetic surgeons in their actual practices who primarily cater to the stars and to the Los Angeles elite and wealthy clientele. Gene Simmons of the band Kiss now sports his own very successful reality TV show and did an episode in which he and his long term girl friend Shannon Tweed both underwent cosmetic surgery procedures at a top rated Beverly Hills clinic near his home.



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