Save Your Sanity, Save Your Marriage – Create Your Own Manspace

Everybody needs a little space to call their own. But if you’re a guy who is married with children, you know how difficult it is to fulfill that basic need. You may be informed that under no condition are your bowling trophies going to be displayed with your wife’s Victorian antiques in the front room–or that the family room is not a safe place to display your collection of medieval swords. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your guests are startled by the giant moose head glaring down upon them from over the dining room doorway. For whatever reasons, you may find your prized possessions being criticized, or worse yet, discarded altogether! nahls

Don’t despair. There is a solution to this conflict that will keep everybody happy. You simply need to establish your own Manspace! You may be able to stake your claim on the walk-in closet in the guest room or an unused pantry in the corner of the basement. But let’s face it; it will only be a matter of time before holiday decorations or family memorabilia creep in and take over. So consider creating a Manspace in your own “mini house”; also referred to by such common terms as a backyard shed, outdoor workshop, or detached garage. An advantage to a detached Manspace is that you can turn up the volume on that screaming electric guitar without offending more delicate ears…or musical tastes.

Is this idea starting to appeal to your sense of self-preservation? Then let’s discuss just how you would go about personalizing your own space. Here are a few suggestions:


  • Prized Possessions – Your prized possessions are a reflection of who you are. Everything from your super-hero action figures to the Disco Ball you won on eBay. All this can be displayed with pride in your own Manspace. Sentimental mementos, childhood treasures, vacation souvenirs, etc. All those things you may have boxed up, out of sight and out of mind, can be¬† brought out to be remembered and enjoyed. A nostalgic celebration of your life! Messipoker
  • Workspace – Your Manspace will be ideal for projects requiring your undivided attention and cerebral focus. Of course, if you have an indoor hobby, like fly tying or building model trains, this would be the ideal place to pursue it. A detached workshop discourages the unnecessary interruptions that would otherwise plague you if you were more easily accessible.
  • Furnishings – Although you may consider your Manspace your own private sanctuary, keep in mind that your buddies may seek refuge there as well; perhaps as a place to convene for the weekly poker game. It would be a good idea to keep a portable card table and some folding chairs on hand. If you plan on using your Manspace for your own “home theater,” you may also want to invest in a couple of TV tables–especially if you enjoy munching on chili dogs and nachos during the superbowl. preferablepups



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