What About the Birds?

Have you ever thought of how wild birds can handle the cold weather? Another day I was having my breakfast watching the birds from my window and this thought came to my mind. hollywoodfoodstyling

During the cold winter months, we use blankets and stay indoors where we have heat. What about the birds? I decided to do a search through the internet to get some knowledge about these little creatures that look so fragile. I learned a lot of things and now I would like to share them with you.

I learned that they don’t need us humans to help them survive; just like most animals, they can defend themselves against harsh cold weather. Some birds migrate during the winter season to places with warmer temperatures. Usually, the birds that migrate are insect eating and they have to migrate because the insects are dormant in the winter. palosverdeslifestyle

The other birds that eat berries, fruits, and seeds such as woodpeckers,  chickadees, nuthatches, grosbeaks, finches, red polls, crossbills, snow buntings, cardinals,waxwings, magpies, jays, ravens, crows, house sparrows, and starlings stay in the cold winter.

Birds eat continuously during the winter to store up fat. They use this extra fat at night to create heat. When birds don’t find a bird feeder with sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, suet or peanuts they eat berries from the trees such as holly, hawthorn, crab apple, birch and elder. These threes produce small red berries which are an emergency source of food for birds int he winter time.

If you decide to help your feathered friends this winter, provide them with a bird feeder. Look for feeders that have drain holes to keep the seeds dry after the rain or after a harsh snowy weather. If you have an open bird feeder, keep your feeder under your porch or in a location that you know the seeds will be dry and the wind will not blow the seeds away. Just keep in mind that open bird feeders attract squirrels and they will enjoy the bird’s food too. For more info Please visit these site:-  https://www.stephenfrazee.com

Some suggestions for squirrel proof bird feeders are the Absolute II Squirrel Proof Birdfeeder, the Birdseed Vault II Squirrel Proof Feeder and the Super Stop-A-Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder. They are made of durable metal which can resist harsh weather and keep the squirrels out of the bird food.They have drain holes to keep the seeds dry. They also have an adjustable perch so you can watch your favorite birds eating their scrumptious meal. The adjustable perches allow you to set the weight so you can choose if a larger bird will be able to access the bird seeds.

Birds grow additional feathers in the fall which fluff up and create pockets of warm air next to the skin. The feathers are used as insulation to keep them warm during the cool days and cold nights and to protect them from getting wet when it rains or snows. They also help to keep their eggs and their little ones warm. Their feathers can be used as camouflage to protect themselves against predators.

A way to protect the birds from getting wet and cold would be by providing a bird house to keep them warm. A bird house is a safe place to lay their eggs, raise their babies and to protect them against predators.

To attract birds to your bird house you should place a bird house in the right spot such as large trees, (Preferably 15 feet above the ground.) on a metal pole far from bird feeders and under the eaves of your house. The reason to place a bird house far from a bird feeder is because the food can attract predators such as cats, เล่นสล็อตบนมือถือ chipmunks, cowbirds, crows, falcons,grackles, hawks, jays, owls, raccoons, roadrunners, snakes, and squirrels who will eat the bird food, make the birds food and even eat the little birds before and after they hatch.

Birds have a unique way to nest that’s different from other birds. When positioning your birdhouse in your yard or garden do a search to find out how to attract your favorite birds. Songbirds such as white-throated sparrow, painted bunting, northern cardinal, like to nest in shrub style vegetation.Other birds such as the pine warbler, yellow-throated warbler,chickadees, prefer to nest 15 feet above the ground. Birds such as bluebirds and the nuthatches prefer to nest in a abandoned woodpecker holes.

When buying a bird house look for the ones that have a natural look to them. Birds like birdhouses that resemble nature over a bird house with a fresh coat of paint. I recommend taking a look at our natural looking bird houses.The El Madrid Bird House and the Seville Bird House are modeled after Spanish styled homes built during the housing boom in Florida between1923 and 1929. They are hand crafted in wood and resemble nature.Another bird house I would recommend is the Moose Lodge Wood Birdhouse,which is created of wood and moss.



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