You Can Earn Valuable FHTM Customer Points and Go Green Too

Remember when bottled water started to sell and you couldn’t believe anyone would buy it when drinking water was free? But they did. Now the environment is affected by all the plastic bottles, with a landfill dead-time of centuries, piling up in landfills and polluting the waterways. techpiled

Fortune reps sometimes complain about needing customer points, which is just amazing.It’s not like you are forced to buy unwanted items or anything like that. In fact, FHTM reps have a wide variety of products and services from which to get their customer points. But the choice is from a broad range of products and services, from cell phone service, to business support products, to home security, roadside assistance, health and beauty products and even air and water filters to replace those plastic bottles. realisticmag

Fortune Representatives need to look at the points differently, that is, what does fortune offer that I can replace something I’m already using. Comparing brands and making a switch is no big deal when you get equal or better things. Look at all the business support services that are 100% tax deductible* as a business owner! Putting your priorities in the right place will eliminate these worries as you spend your time showing the plan and earning money. Here is the new product announced by Fortune which helps you, helps the environment and earns you points! Announcement: FHTM is pleased to announce Protection for Living! mommasays

Protect your family with the name you trust! DuPont(TM) water and air filters will be shipped to you directly. E-mail reminders will be sent to Water & Air subscribers when it is time to change air and water filters in their homes. Each subscriber will receive an auto-shipment of the filter(s) needed for their home as recommended by DuPont and Protection for Living. The one-time purchase of the Clean Water & Air Starter Package upon sign-up includes Under Counter Water Filter, Shower Head Filter, In-Line Refrigerator Filter, (2) Bottles-to-Go with Filters and (2) Air Filters (Custom Sizes Available). All of this for up to a 40% savings for you and your customers! The Clean Water & Air for Life Program is a solution toward a better, cleaner, healthier life for you and your family. For more Info please visit these sites:-



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