The Healing Breath

The Healing Breath exercise expands and channels the life force within you for the healing of self and others.

Breathing is much more than simply oxygenating and purifying blood by moving air in and out of the lungs. The breath is a vehicle for moving subtle energies, bunnydirectories referred to in the spiritual teachings of India as prana, or life force.

The Healing Breath is a form of Pranayama. Pranayama is breathing performed with the specific intention to control life force. Pranayama can also be thought of as the breath of the living universe.

The word “pranayama” is comprised of two roots: “prana” and “yama”. “Prana” signifies vital energy, or life force, which permeates the universe at all levels, and permeates and enlivens one’s body. “Yama” means control and, in the word “pranayama”, it refers to controlling the life force through concentration and by intentional breath control.

By practicing the Healing Breath exercise with dedication and the right attitude, you will begin to notice in a short amount of time-days or weeks-subtle, positive changes in your demeanor. The Healing Breath, as well as many other forms of pranayama, has the potential to:

calm the mind and body,

relieve stress-related disorders,

improve autonomic functions, for example, digestion and elimination,

bring temporary or lasting relief from pain,

rejuvenate the nervous system, endocrine glands, bodily tissues, cells, and organs,

remove toxins from your body,

extend life,

enhance perception,

steady your mind and strengthen your will,

enable you to withdraw your attention from the physical world during meditation,

fill you with light and bliss.

Almost anyone can practice the Healing Breath exercise, for it requires no special knowledge or skill and can be done anywhere, anytime. For it to be effective, we must practice it regularly and have a positive attitude. The Healing Breath is not only an excellent place to begin a spiritual practice, but it is an excellent place to return to for those who have spent many years practicing a variety of spiritual techniques without significant progress. Even adepts use the Healing Breath to begin their practice, for they know that it will quickly bring the mind-body into balance and prepare the way for entering deep states of meditation. I use it for self-healing and to quiet my mind before meditation.

Until full command of the breath is accomplished, it is very difficult to go deep in meditation, and you may become frustrated in your efforts and disillusioned with your path.

EFFECTS from the Healing Breath: Our integrated physiological, psychological, and spiritual make-up is affected by changes in any part of it. Change in one part of our system affects every other part. Our physical, mental and spiritual state is affected by our breathing, and vice versa.

PRECAUTIONS: If there is a physical condition affecting one’s cardiopulmonary system, a doctor should be consulted before attempting the exercise. In addition, please keep in mind that breathing is an automatic process, controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Normally, For more info please visit these sites:- one does not have conscious control over it, and if one tries to forcibly control it, one may be working against the body’s needs. Therefore caution should be used. Always do what comes naturally, without force, when working with your breathing pattern. If you begin to feel dizzy, you may need to breathe more slowly or stop the Healing Breath exercise.

PHYSICAL EFFECTS: Regular practice of the Healing Breath brings beneficial change to every part of our body-mind-spirit. As the mind is quieted by the slow breathing exercise, the brain and glands become better able to regulate chemicals that, in turn, regulate our biochemistry: we sleep more soundly, our overall mood improves, and we become less anxious. In addition, muscles relax, pain is decreased, the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems become stronger and healthier, physical endurance and stamina increase, digestion improves, and mental capacity for concentration and problem solving are enhanced. Addiction to smoking (or other drugs) or cravings of any kind may be diffused and eventually eliminated if the Healing Breath is done properly and regularly. We are better able to have deep meditations. It takes only a few days of dedicated practice to begin to realize these effects.

PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS: Our psychological make-up leans on our self-created ego. When the ego is agitated or threatened, we may also become agitated and lose our focus. Then the breath becomes quick and shallow. The process of eliminating the ego may create this agitation in us, because we are threatening our ego with the possibility of extinction-something the ego fights against fiercely. This may be experienced as a busy mind during meditation.

Prior to working with a healing client, I used to adamantly address my ego by saying, “Okay ego, get out of here. You can come back later, but for now be gone.” I no longer do that for it is my desire to be egoless. I now command it to leave, period, for if we give in to the ego’s desire for existence, we give up control over our lives and stay quagmired in the confines of the ego’s false domain.

In initiating the Healing Breath exercise, we call upon the ego to leave, and we must be aware that the ego may defend its status by causing us to doubt or feel anxious or restless. We must be prepared to overcome the ego’s false concepts with the power of truth and inner calm. For our freedom to choose what we know is best for us is the only power the ego cannot withstand, and as our breath becomes longer and deeper, we find ourselves in a peaceful, relaxed state of consciousness. With continued practice, a new understanding arises that can identify and extinguish any unwanted mood with negligible effort.



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