Tips to Build Homemade Coin Sorter

Do you have a lot of coin? It may be irritating to count it. Having your own coin sorter will be a good idea. You can also make it by yourself easily. You can get the material for your need by utilizing the plastic boxes. You can get them from the office supply store or house ware stores.

Your homemade coin sorter will be able to sort your mixed coin for you. You only need to put your mixed coins in and shake the boxes. The coin sorter will directly sort your coins between the boxes based on denomination. Then, askanadviser it will put the coins into the wrappers so that you can easily take it to the bank. Then, what do you have to do for making it?

Step one: choose the drill bits

You have to make the drill bit which is a little bit larger than the dime, one which is a little bit larger than the penny, one which is larger than a nickel and another one which is a little bit larger than a quarter.

Step two: separate the boxes

You have to separate the boxes and then drill them to be three long rows with six holes for each row into the bottom of one box by utilizing the dime drill bit. Then, place the box on the top of one undrilled plastic box.

Step three: drill another box

Take another box and drill it to be three long rows with six holes in every row into the bottom of the box by utilizing penny drill bit. Then, mount it in the dime box. Meanwhile, For more info please visit these sites:- for the penny and the quarter, you can repeat this step. Yet, for the nickel drill bit, you have to mount the box in the penny box.

Step four: add coins to the top of the boxes

You can now try your coin sorter to work by adding your coins to the top of the boxes and shake them from side to side. You will see that the smaller coins can fall through the holes of the top box. While you shake the box, each coin will sorted through the holes into each box.



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