What Is the Facebook Wall and the News Feed?

The wall is simply where you write or add content for your friends to see. The wall is found under the profile tab at the top right of the screen. frontiernews Clicking the profile tab will by default take you to the info page. From the info page you change to the wall by clicking the wall button found on the left of your screen, right below your profile picture. At the top of the wall you will find four buttons: status, photo, link and video. Clicking the status button opens a dialog which enables you to write a not to your friends. The photo button adds photos. The link button adds links to other sites you want to share. The video button adds videos you have created or saved to your computer. When you click either the photo, link or video button you will have the option of adding a message to send along with the photo, link or video.

The News Feed is where you go to read content from your Friends. localletter The News Feed is found under the Home tab at the top right of the screen. It’s the first page you see when you log on to Facebook. It’s a real-time update of what all your friends are currently posting. The contents on the News Feed page are not shared, if you wish to share specific content you must click the share button – once you share this content it will show up on your Wall where all of your Friends newspoke can see it.

When you add some content to your Wall it will show up on your Friends News Feed.

What happens to content you Like, Comment, topicals Share or Tag?

If you find a Facebook page you like and you click the like button, this will connect you to that page and content from that page will show up in your news feed. You can like specific content in your news feed and give feedback to the person that posted it by clicking tbadaily the like button under the content.

Comments are similar to Likes but when you comment on some content the entire internet can see your comment, not just the person that posted the content.

Content that you share or tag will show kulfiy up on your wall because it is content you have added. The shared content will show up on all of your friends news feeds. Content tagged for specific friends will show up on your friends wall, so your friends and all of their friends will see the tagged content. If you don’t know the person you are tagging it would be a good idea to ask their pressmagazines permission first.


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